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Why “Golden Mean”?

The golden mean is a math ratio that appears in nature, including the ideal number of petals on a flower or the pattern of branches on a tree. In other words, it’s the science of beauty. No wonder the ratio is often used to create perfect proportions in art and design. This harmony between form and function inspires our balanced approach to crafting beautiful and useful landscapes.

Golden Mean

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About Golden Mean Landscapes

What Sets Us Apart from our Competitors?

At Golden Mean Landscapes we believe that outdoor spaces should be designed in terms of the priorities put forth and what maximizes the use of space in terms of flow, privacy and functionality.

“Inspired by Nature, Built on Trust”

  • Detailed quotes
  • Transparent mark ups
  • Effective communication

Award of Excellence recipient in residential construction.

Our Guarantee to You

We care about our work as much as you care about your home. Our values are focused on our customers as well as our employee’s and are based on us wanting to be the best.

Any landscaping company can build a deck. At Golden Mean Landscapes build trust by treating your home as if it were our own.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Our Team

• A team looks towards nature for inspiration.
• Professionals wearing uniforms arriving in clean trucks.
• Receiving real-time updates and photos so you know what’s happening on site even when you’re not at home.
• Creative ideas for maximizing your space and budget.

Construction Can Be Messy

At the end of each day, we do our best to keep things as organized, safe, and as neat as we can.

  • Hazards are coned or marked off.
  • Materials are stockpiled.
  • No food waste or garbage left will be left onsite.

When cutting masonry products, we do our utmost to manage dust. This means utilizing dustless masonry saws or wet cutting. There are times when dry cuts are required, like scoring a layout line, but rest assured, we will do our best to minimize airborne silica.

Our History

Founded in 2006, Golden Mean Landscapes was a modest outfit with one vehicle and an owner who self-performed the work. Over time, we established working relationships with landscape architects and specialty trades, which allowed us to become a full-service residential landscape construction provider.

Adding in-house design in 2017 helped our firm provide another option for those looking for greater clarity and vision towards what the final product would look like.

Our management team has over 35 years of experience in executing landscape projects. As a proud member of Landscape Ontario, we continue to work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure we are abreast of current trends, products, and building practices.

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Certified Techo-Pro Affiliate

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Member of the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association

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Receipent of the Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence

About Us

Our Process

Meet the Team

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Step by Step Process Guide

  1. Initial inquiry/ Discovery call.

    At Golden Mean Landscapes, every new project begins with an initial inquiry to understand your needs and dreams. As part of this process, we will assess if an in-house design is necessary and if the project is a good fit for our team.

  2. Site Assessment

    Meeting onsite, reviewing site access, identify/ prioritize any site challenges or conditions. (Access to a current property survey- is an asset here)

  3. Design Proposal

    Submit a proposal for sign off.

  4. Concepts / Feedback / New Iteration

    Provide hand drawn/sketch concepts for consideration and feedback. Provide a revision(s) if requested.

  5. Final plan views and material selections

    Delivery of the final design package. This package is provided in PDF format and is the final iteration of what we intend to produce. Depending on the scope and design you may be able to move straight into construction OR you may have to seek certain municipal permissions as outlined in step 6.

  6. Permit/ Zoning and Right of Way application(s) if applicable

    With the design in place now is the time to seek approvals for the proposed works. This could include building permit, permits to injure or remove city trees, right of way applications or seeking a minor zoning variance(s). Whatever the case, getting the item(s) sorted in advance can pay big dividends down the road.

  7. Construction (Shovels in the ground)

    Taking the time to plan above will ensure that the execution of the project goes much more smoothly. Nothing slows progress or derails a project like an angry neighbour when required permissions or permits are not in place.

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Click here of a sample of our Consultation Design Form.

About Us

Our Process

Meet the Team

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Meet the Golden Mean Team

Darren Allen

Darren Allen

Founder and Owner

For founder and owner Darren Allen, landscaping is a second career. After working successfully in pharmaceuticals, he took night courses in landscape design to indulge his passion for the outdoors. He left a six-figure salary to work as a labourer, starting at the bottom before launching his own firm in 2004. Golden Mean Landscapes has grown through Darren’s commitment to people and craftsmanship.

Richard Froggatt

Richard Froggatt

Landscape Foreman

Richard is a dynamic individual who thrives on embracing every facet of life with enthusiasm. His journey commenced at the age of 13, when he embarked as a part-time labourer, actively contributing to the construction of pools and the enhancement of their surrounding landscapes. This early experience ignited a profound passion within him for meticulous, detail-oriented craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier quality products.

Today, Richard stands as an invaluable asset within our team, known for his dedication to excellence and his drive to create awe-inspiring outdoor spaces. His journey toward professional landscaping mastery led him to Niagara College, where he embarked on a path of formal education, ultimately earning certification as a landscaping technician. Richard’s remarkable journey, marked by a relentless pursuit of perfection, serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art of landscaping.

Richard Froggatt

Alan guilfoyle

Project Manager

Alan began working during school holidays at 12 years old in a generational green finger, family-run landscape design, retail, and wholesale garden business. He has a bachelor’s degree in geography and sociology from the University of Maynooth, Ireland, and completed a one-year study for a masters degree in sustainable development from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

Since moving to Canada in 2012, Alan has been involved in the construction world and has gained a wide breadth of knowledge in the construction sector, including residential and commercial-based projects. As a hands-on project manager with a passion for mentoring and guiding people, Alan continues to promote and practice the values of Golden Mean Landscapes.

About Us

Our Process

Meet the Team

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Want to work on the Golden Mean Landscapes team?

We’re always looking for like-minded people who fit into our culture. We hire for attitude and train for aptitude. If you want to work for a company that cares about its work, and join a great team that cares about people, we’d like to talk to you.

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