Downtown Lounge

Downtown Lounge

We helped this couple transform the backyard of their city heritage home into a private outdoor living space with distinct zones for entertaining and storage.

The landscape architect’s initial design called for concrete patio pavers, which would have been carried in manually through the basement of the row house. We proposed an above-grade deck built from composite wood to maximize functional space and substantially reduce their labour costs.

Horizontal fences are meticulously constructed for style and durability: larger gaps between planks would compromise privacy; smaller spaces can look sloppy as the wood ages.

Water-based stains work well on vertical wood surfaces and can be refreshed with minimal effort compared with oil-based finishes.

If budget doesn’t allow for built-in lighting initially, ask your contractor to run conduit to make wiring easier and more cost effective later on.

  • Above grade deck
  • Privacy
  • Entertaining area
  • Dining area
  • Storage area

$50,000 to $100,000